Medium Size Crystal Tortoise With Round Plate


Benefits of Crystal Tortoise :
✔Crystal Tortoise provides stability for your money.
✔Use this crystal for long life.
✔Crystal Tortoise balances and harmonizes the environment around us.
✔Crystal Tortoise can be used to remove stress.
✔Crystal Tortoise also brings good luck for you.
✔Use Crystal Tortoise to have good concentration in your studies.

Size: Approx 10cm x  4.5cm


Lucky Charm Glass Tortoise/Turtle of medium size With Round Plate for sale.

Benefits of keeping tortoise at home

1. Tortoise figurines attract positive energy. It is believed that keeping it in your bedroom can help fight insomnia. Tortoises also attract wealth, prosperity, peace, good fortune and strength. The long life cycle of the tortoise symbolizes immortality.

2. Keeping tortoise in water doubles its effect.

3. A tortoise brings firmness to your personal and professional life. Place the tortoise at the entrance, to safeguard your home from negative energy.

4. Keep it near an artificial waterfall or fish tank, to magnify the power of the tortoise.

5. Keeping the tortoise in the north, is good for your career.